well - we're going.
we decided. The whole Jones family, all seven, minus dog...will be headed to Sosua in the Dominican Republic at the end of June for around 6 weeks!

We're not sure how this is all going to work out - but we are feeling that gentle nudge of the wind and so we're headed out!
We've still got to raise some support to get us all there and it is a volunteer role so we're going to try and encourage all our family and friends to help us embark on this journey - and we're hoping to bring enough funds to build two houses while we are there too!

We'll be working with The Samaritan Foundation for the time we are there and helping on a variety of levels. Really hoping that my experience will be of some use!

There are a lot of things I would like to explore - but I am aware of a lethargy that has set in over the last few years and one of the reasons we feel like there is need for change is the subtle way that the world causes us to slow down and seek our own happiness and almost acquiesce to our desires. So, away we go, first step - out the door and we know "it's a dangerous business going out your door, if you don't keep your feet, you never know where you may end up!"

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