Corporate Responsibility

It would be impossible, (and probably not very fun!) to exist in a vacum. Each of us as individuals, NGO’s, political organisations and corporate entities interact with people, the environment, the law, and various other factors that make up our societal space.

At CJJONES we feel that we have a responsibility to operate in an ethical way that not only considers the potential benefit to our shareholders, but also to our staff, our sub contractors, suppliers and the rest of the world we operate in. This belief filters into the way we make decisions, the way we hire, the way we purchase materials and products, and it is the motivation for the humanitarian involvement we have had over the years and will continue to have into the future.

With our friends at Live Different – we have had the privilege of helping lead corporate teams from Westjet and The Ontario Home Builders Association on humanitarian building projects in The Dominican Republic.

Our President and his family have volunteered for 2 months living in The Dominican Republic with The Samaritan Foundation – helping to lead visiting teams build Villages and houses for mostly Haitian’s living in Batey’s in The Dominican Republic. Our staff have volunteered in New Orleans, helping to re-build after hurricane Katrina, Haiti, and Guatemala.


As we consult and build incredible and beautiful residential buildings here in Canada – we want to ensure that the value of having a ‘home’ is something we contribute to and actively engage in both in our own country and other countries in the world, especially for those who do not have adequate shelter.

Get involved in your area through Habitat for Humanity or come join us on a trip sometime!